The tyranny of “desk toys”

Some of the things that remain from my former day job are desk toys. I have some “thinking putty”. A foldable wooden figure. A battery vacuum for crumbs. Those sorts of things.

After a year and a half of work-from-home, I realize what desk toys are.

Ending One Job — Focusing On The Other

April 9th was the end of my full-time, corporate wage-earner, day-job lifestyle. I can switch over to full-time writer life-style.

It’s a tectonic shift. Slow but inevitable. 

I’ve been lucky enough to have jobs where I could set money aside.

The Time Crunch

Lots of writers have day jobs. Among traditionally-published authors,  I wonder what the ratio between only writing, and multi-job writers is. I suspect the multi-job authors outnumber the single-job writers. 

Non-Fiction Progress (Feb)

It’s always surprising how much work non-fiction writing is. This isn’t my first rodeo, but it takes months and months.

The good news is — with a co-author — I don’t have to wrangle examples into shape. …

Co-Author Big Sigh

I have a non-fiction co-author. They have a different tone than I do: less stilted and formal, somewhat irreverent. Their books sell well, suggesting I need to learn to drop the stilted, dry formality and lighten up.

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