As an aspiring fiction writer, all my plans are — by definition — aspirational.

They’re good ideas until they’re swatted away by something else.

About a year ago, I set aside fiction for non-fiction.


I’m having a lot of fun restructuring The Forge into discrete 5-step beats. Some of these suffer from haphazard glides from one beat into another. This leads to too many characters with too many things to say. …

An Important Lesson

Useful advice from Brent Weeks:

Item 3 — shorter books published more often — is advice that’s maybe good and maybe bad. I’m fascinated.

Subsequent Drafts — Lesson Learned

I have approximately zero traction getting any agent to consider The Forge. To make things worse, I’ve been uncomfortable with a “rewrite from the very beginning” approach to second (and later) drafts.

The Ancillary Texts

Can The Forge be chopped into two 80K books? 

Short answer is “yes.” Anything can be rewritten. I’ve spent decades writing (and rewriting and refactoring) software. 

The more fundamental question is “Should

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