I’ve been struggling with voice for a while, now.

My “other” writing is non-fiction. While there’s a huge market for narrative non-fiction, I write technical non-fiction. It’s the epitome of voicelessness. 


I’ve lost track of the tweet, but the core question was “What’s the most gut-wrenching decision your MC has to make?”

I like this question a lot. It’s the heart of the Hero’s Journey. A wrenching decision arises several times in a Hero’s Journey. …

Pitch Writing — A One-Two Punch

Lots of advice available on queries and pitches. It seems like any pair of agents will have four takes on the process.

Found this recently:

Two crucial elements: The Mage’s Fight against his own Temple, and the discovery of new forms of magic, forbidden by the Temple. …

More Querying

There’s a fork in the road ahead. I’ve about reached the end of shopping The Forge around to agents. I think I may try one last wave in November. At this point, it looks like I've exhausted the AAR Online

Drama and Character Arc

Listened to a reading by Sarah M. Broom, author of The Yellow House. It’s memoir and they're an award-winning journalist as well as a spectacular writer. So, the description of writing process may not apply well to me.

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