Co-Author Big Sigh

I have a non-fiction co-author. They have a different tone than I do: less stilted and formal, somewhat irreverent. Their books sell well, suggesting I need to learn to drop the stilted, dry formality and lighten up.

Non-Fiction Progress

In the non-fiction world, we have (fairly) detailed outlines. Not really detailed. A half-dozen key points for a chapter.

This leads to a schedule. The schedule is (of course) an absolute fantasy. …

Scrivener and Word Count Target

Working on non-fiction (a fourth edition.)

There are some major rewrites. New chapter. New case studies.

Each case study section (there are about 12 of them throughout the book) must be under 2,500 words.


Horror — I think it’s subdivided as Weird Horror — different from more conventional horror writing — is fun.



As an aspiring fiction writer, all my plans are — by definition — aspirational.

They’re good ideas until they’re swatted away by something else.

About a year ago, I set aside fiction for non-fiction.

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