I’ve lost track of the tweet, but the core question was “What’s the most gut-wrenching decision your MC has to make?”

I like this question a lot. It’s the heart of the Hero’s Journey. A wrenching decision arises several times in a Hero’s Journey. …

Pitch Writing — A One-Two Punch

Lots of advice available on queries and pitches. It seems like any pair of agents will have four takes on the process.

Found this recently:

Two crucial elements: The Mage’s Fight against his own Temple, and the discovery of new forms of magic, forbidden by the Temple. …

More Querying

There’s a fork in the road ahead. I’ve about reached the end of shopping The Forge around to agents. I think I may try one last wave in November. At this point, it looks like I've exhausted the AAR Online

Drama and Character Arc

Listened to a reading by Sarah M. Broom, author of The Yellow House. It’s memoir and they're an award-winning journalist as well as a spectacular writer. So, the description of writing process may not apply well to me.


Found this "How to Write an Effective Scene with One Stop for Writers’ Formal Scene Map” blog post. Interesting outlining approach. 

This meshes nicely with the Obstacles Opportunities Tactics (OOT) used to describe a beat in dialog.

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