This is an odd thing. Ideally, I might have more time to write because I’m not supposed to go anywhere.

Actually, I’m pushing to finish a non-fiction book.

I have a possible video training course (also non-fiction.)


Saving another note here.

This, I think, is an important side-bar in the world the Mage and Red Knight inhabit.

The volcano — now dormant — drove people away and rearranged the landscape. …

Saving Some Notes

First. About human history.

Specifically, the absence of a “savage” era that trivially predates the “modern” era. People have always been “modern;” the technology differs. …

Word Count


The debut novel word limits described here are really strict.

Stricter than I’d like to acknowledge. …

Not Stalled — Exactly

While I’ve been writing and trying to query my fiction for a while. I’ve been pre-empted, though.

I’ve got beta-reader feedback from folks at That’s helpful. 

I’ve got some ideas for rewrites to

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