And then the murders began

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The Agent Search

The Agent Search is a thing. The marketplace of ideas is tough. Marketing an idea is difficult. Agents get a *lot* of pitches, many of which must be nearly identical-looking. 

A friend was looking at the

Randomness and Inspiration

Here’s a question for you: what do you use for inspiration when writing SFF?

Modern news? History? Family squabbles? 

I get the impression that some writers can — actually — invent characters and then chase them around in a world that’s almost entirely fabricated around the characters and their various goals. …


Backstory is a problem. I like to say the story is a world, carried on the back of a turtle, called backstory.

The story — of course — gets the bulk of the explanation. The turtle, however, doesn’t (or perhaps shouldn’t) need any explanation. …

Time, Focus, Intention, Love

Non-fiction writing is helping to pay the bills more than fiction is, so when it comes down to a finite budget of coffee and sleep, fiction is sailing to leeward. See Personification for things set aside in favor of non-fction.

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