Opening Action

I’m working on the Opening Action problem. You know, the story should open with a bang. Some kind of bang. The idea is to minimize back-story and scene-setting.

Star Wars ep. IV, "A New Hope" (the one that came first) opened with space ships shooting. …


See Key Conditions for Suspense: Table of Contents. While it feels a little bit on the disorganized side, it paints a very clear picture of elements of good writing. 

The feeling of disorganization is entirely because I built software and I like a little better definition of process. …

Query Shark

I’ve read a bit about following @QueryShark.

This leads to the Query Shark blog. There’s a lot to read there.

This leads to reworking my query letter. 

Examples like #320 show how it’s done when it’s done well.

The Red Knight’s Marginal Victories

It must have seemed to clear when I wrote the outline, almost 18 months ago.

But today?

Some of it needs to be deleted and replaced.

I did — finally — have an epiphany about one part of my original thinking. …

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