World History, Part II

See World History, Part I for the genesis of this. I’m finally getting around to writing the actual history of my world. 

I don’t start with the total sweep of history. I start with characters and their drama. …

World History, Part I

In my post on Randomness and Inspiration, I mentioned the 156 Great Mages generated by a tool I wrote using a model of transitions of power. (I’m a serious software hack. Multiple non-fiction books under a different name.)

Inspired By

When we look at something as big as a #SFF tetralogy, a “single’ inspiration isn’t sensible. It’s hard to write 4×150,000 words about something in the singular sense of one inspiration.

We can, perhaps, digest a pattern of events into something that has a unifying theme, but isn't properly solitary.

What’s at Stake?

See this thread

This was empowering advice. Further down the thread is this:

Wow. Melodrama isn’t a bad thing. More fundamentally, what appears as melodramatic to me — the author — may not appear quite so over-the-top to the reader.

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