A Sad/Happy Thought

I started a short story. Something I didn’t think I could do.

It seemed fit together. And. It seemed coherent in only 7100 words. This — for me — was amazing. 

There’s a sadness, though, in writing this. …

The Damaged Hero

Many classic heroes end their journey with a victory balanced by a loss. Think of Frodo Baggins and Luke Skywalker who had to suffer damage that paralleled their nemesis: loss of a finger, loss of a hand.

Pre-Final Drafts

In my non-fiction writing, I’m nearing the end of a book. The essential (and hard part) of concocting examples, making them work, and then describing them is done. Since the book is about programming, all the examples are code and a technique called “automated testing” assures that the code examples all really work.

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