Empires and Kingdoms

I’m a firm believer in having a fairly detailed model for how things are organized, and how they work. See Randomness and Inspiration for more about this simulation and modeling technique.

After driving across the US (see the 

Today's Dark Place [Updated]

As a fan of Hero’s Journey story arcs, I’m well aware of the need to cross a river and find a dark place. It’s essential.


As a fan of gritty and detailed #grimdark stories, I’m reluctant to have the hero waltz into a dark place without sufficient premonitions of doom.

Complications [updated]

My Twitter bio is about to be filled with lies. It says I live "On a Sailboat. Really.” 

This status will change in about a week.

Family calls, and we’re putting the boat “on the hard.” This is what passes for storage in big sailboat world. …

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