Points of View

Reading articles like this Using Third Person Multiple POV. It’s a pile of work, and I’m not utterly consistent here. When I read something like this, Sometimes it makes me think I’m doing things wrong.

Thoughts on Some Writing Strategies

See Writing Strategies for Authors. It’s succinct and to the point. It’s a bit new-writer-ish. When it comes to fiction, that’s me: a new writer. 

Two of the strategies stand out. One in a good way, and one not so good.

Work Time

When are you most productive?

When I started writing seriously, I lived on the US East Coast. I woke up early-ish, had some toast and coffee and started writing. I had a few hours in the morning to write before a short (20 minute) walk to work and my non-fiction-writing day job.

MC Parallels

The Hero and their Nemesis… 

See @Massawyrm’s tweet:

This caused some thinkology.

Each character has a fairly large number of dimensions. Think of religion, law/politics, economics, family, gender, and the long list of et ceteras that extend this list.

I Don’t Want to Eat My Broccoli

My primary writing gig is non-fiction. This requires some writing which could be framed as “eat your broccoli, it’s good for you.” Should this apply to fiction, as well?

Sometimes it’s a paragraph or two that feels like repeating the obvious. …

Reveals and Anticipation

The essential question for setting up a drama is “What are the stakes?” What’s the hero going to gain if they succeed, or lose if they fail?

While this is central, there are some tangential topics that must be dealt with carefully.

The Size Problem

See The Debut Novel Problem. The Forge is 160,400 words right now. I got my first “that’s too big” response from an agent; no additional details were provided, so I don’t know what they’re measuring against.

Empires and Kingdoms

I’m a firm believer in having a fairly detailed model for how things are organized, and how they work. See Randomness and Inspiration for more about this simulation and modeling technique.

After driving across the US (see the 

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