Editing and Beta Readers

See How I Self-Edit My Novels: 15 Steps From First Draft to Publication. There are a number of interesting, and delightfully detailed articles here. 

I worry a bit about the nature of advice to fiction writers. …

Going Nowhere

I’m a planner. Not a pantser.

I find outlining really important because I often wander away from the essential thread of the story to pursue drama that’s interesting to me, but, really only a sidebar to the larger story arc.

Additional Critical Reading Thoughts

How do you approach criticism? Do you have a template or a strategy? Do you comment as you read? Some combination?

Some of the critiques on have been carefully organized around some (or all) of the following topics:

Critical Reading

The community is fun. I’ve been reading submissions and sending critiques back to the authors.

A few have involved some short dialog with the writers.

One has involved an exchange of several emails. 

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