Digesting More Query Letter Advice

Querying can frustrating with so little feedback. It’s like searching for the narrow entrance to a river. A wall of trees is a sign of trouble; but which way do you turn to find the river? (We did this wrong once on a sailboat. …

Character Design

Reading Weiland’s How to Write Character Arcs. Well. Not really “reading.” The word is studying.

Using Weiland’s advice to make some changes in my process. In particular, the idea of the character’s problems being based on some lie they must discard is an interesting focus.

Editing and Beta Readers

See How I Self-Edit My Novels: 15 Steps From First Draft to Publication. There are a number of interesting, and delightfully detailed articles here. 

I worry a bit about the nature of advice to fiction writers. …

Going Nowhere

I’m a planner. Not a pantser.

I find outlining really important because I often wander away from the essential thread of the story to pursue drama that’s interesting to me, but, really only a sidebar to the larger story arc.

Additional Critical Reading Thoughts

How do you approach criticism? Do you have a template or a strategy? Do you comment as you read? Some combination?

Some of the critiques on have been carefully organized around some (or all) of the following topics:

Critical Reading

The community is fun. I’ve been reading submissions and sending critiques back to the authors.

A few have involved some short dialog with the writers.

One has involved an exchange of several emails. 

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