Tools and Outlines

Can we talk about tools? In my other life, I write software, and I use a lot of tools. I write technical books (under a different name,) which is almost as complex as writing software.

I’ve used Omni Outliner and TextEdit. …

Dreaming of my Characters

Do you dream about your characters?

I certainly do.

My partner has told me more than once that color is central to getting the mind to relax before falling asleep. My partner imagines themself surrounded by calming colors. …

Drafts and Read-Aloud

I read my drafts aloud to my partner. This is a wonderful practice. I can’t say enough good things about it (or my partner.)

First, reading aloud slows ne down. I find grammar and usage errors. Redundancies become evident. …

Hero’s Journey

Reading Campbell’s The Hero With A Thousand Faces was a real help to me in organizing an approach to writing fiction.

Non-fiction outlines are (for me) relatively simple. There’s a goal — some large technical exposition -- and there are details preliminary to this goal. …

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