One Too Many Monsters

I’m writing Epic Fantasy. It has mages, knights, dungeons, and — of course — monsters.

Monsters are metaphorical: bad people behave monstrously. This is often the root cause of some of the conflict in an SFF story.

Revisions and Rethinking

I’ve finished some major revisions to Book II of Tales of the Red Ranger. Doing this after writing 88,000 words was pretty pleasant. Things had started to slant off in a better direction than the original outline.

Social Media

Talked with The Social Media Smith this weekend. Enlightening.

This is an investment I’ve got to consider carefully. The Smith can guide me to a better on-line presence. I have an outline of the strategy, and I think I need to take it a step further: write a check and get the list of steps that make sense for a writer with a stack of non-fiction (under one name) trying to make headway into fiction (under a pseudonym.)

Distractions and Coffee Shops

For a long time, I wrote in coffee shops. I wrote most of my six non-fiction books, mostly from coffee shops. (Full disclosure, they’re under a different name.) There are a large number of distractions, and we have to choose our distractions wisely.

The Dungeon Issue

I’m writing a set of four Hero’s Quest books. Each includes crossing rivers and entering dark places — for the characters, the dark places are literal as well as metaphorical. While I enjoy a good dungeon crawl, there can be problems writing about them.

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