Outlining vs. an Alternative

Saw some threads on outlining. They were tagged with #WritingTips #WritingTip #WritingCommunity. A lot of interesting advice. And some non-advice.

The question of outline vs. seat-of-the-pants came up. …


Learned about the #amquerying hash tag on Twitter. I’ve been using #amwriting — because I am. 

I’ve decided to renew my approach after reading this thread:

  1. I revised my query letter, again.
  2. I’ve decided to send a dozen or so at one time.

The Trailer View

The Red Knight has a passel of squires. A lot. It’s an open secret among free lances that the Red Knight keeps a large company. How well do they get along?

In my notes, I’ve got vague summaries of their timelines. …


At first, I rejected the category. Now I realize I’m wrong.

My initial reaction was dismissive: grimdark is merely dismantling tropes. I am also interested in dismantling some tropes, but I didn’t think I was quite as grim or dark as the benchmark books.

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