It’s the Christmas season. It’s about personification of love, grace, and forgiveness.



That eventually leads to a point about Book I of Tales of the Red Ranger. And yes, I did find a tenuous connection from Christmas to my writing.

Gritty, Detailed, Immersive

Gritty and Detailed are easy. Or perhaps I should say they feel easy to me. My previous writing was non-fiction, so it tends to be filled with details. And it takes some care to provide enough detail to make sense of the material, but not *all* the details.


I’ve spent decades writing software. And writing about writing software. (Six books. Seventh on the way.)

In software engineering we often laugh over the idea that anything worth engineering is worth over-engineering. …

Ouch. That was an ill-conceived mess

I love to read aloud. I get it from my mother. And her mother before her. And probably my father’s side of the family, too, now that I think about it.

This is — actually — why I write. It gives me something I really want something to read aloud. …

The Debut Novel Problem

I’m an experienced writer. But not an experienced novelist. The distinction may be important. 

I’ve noted suggestions that my debut novel not be 150,000 words; ranges like 63,000 to 125,000 are suggested. …

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