Leap — No, Wait — Leap — Reconsider — Leap

How much detail is in your outlines? Do you outline? Can you write scenes out of order?

I outline. 


I also have to write from beginning to end. There are a few reasons for this.

First, my outlines are intentionally sketchy. …

Volition, Compulsion, and the Vast Space In Between

I worry about putting too much time into working out the detailed outline. The general Hero’s Journey writes itself. But. Expanding into chapters and scenes has caused me a lot of hand-wringing.

Scope of Action

Here’s some hand-wringing about the scope of a story. How “big” is it? How “big” should it be? And should each book of the four-part series expand in scope?

For me the scope is the number of lives touched. …

The Map

Is it possible to have #EpicFantasy without a map? Isn’t that the first thing we look at in the print copy of a book?

There are places and places and the whole point of a hero’s journey is to pass through places that are representative of specific issues and problems. …

Moving Forward

I’m going to stop fiddling with details in Book II. At this point, I’m tweaking things I’ve already tweaked. 

I think I’ve addressed the lessons learned by Mage and Red Knight. There’s a trail of bodies. …

Minor Bad Guy Conundrum

There’s The Conflict. You know, the hero’s personal journey. Love, Justice, Power, whatever.

There’s a contextual conflict. For me, the true hero rises out of the chaos of some background conflict. …

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