The truck is almost packed. This is (almost) everything we own in the world.

truck interior
Everything we own that's not alread on the boat

Not shown?

A futon, folding table, and two folding chairs.

And a boat. Let’s not forget about the boat. It’s a 42′ ketch-rigged sailboat, sitting on the hard in Maryland.

When we moved west a year ago, we split things into two piles: boat and Nevada. We picked up a few things at IKEA. We’ve donated most of that to Opportunity Village. We consider the furniture to be rented.

We’re going back to the boat. Much of this will wind up on the boat. A few things will help furnish our apartment in Virginia.

Non-fiction writing is done. For now. I still have a day job, and in the time I’m not working, and not sailing I hope to return to refactoring fiction.