My non-fiction writing is over (for a moment.)

The non-fiction process involves a lot of steps.

It's something like this...

  1. Acquisition Editor contacts me about a topic they need.

  2. I write an outline. Which often means writing a lot of code for the examples to make sure there's a clear build from basics to advanced material.

  3. The outline gets approved by the publisher and I have to produce a writing schedule and detailed chapter size estimates.

  4. I write.

  5. Each chapter goes to an initial edit just to be sure it's usable and doesn't have profound problems.

  6. A project editor examines it in detail looking for continuity and, gaps, overlaps. This editor farms it out to two (or more) reviwers.

  7. The reviewer comments are all pushed into the working copy so I can clean up my mess.

  8. Then more review from the project editor.

  9. Copy editing.

  10. Some technical editing to make sure it can print and be downloaded as an eBook.

  11. "Pre-final" PDF's that I read and approve. Sometimes I even change them at the last minute.

We've passed step 8 for all 16 chapters. I need to unclench my brain by writing some fiction.