This is an odd thing. Ideally, I might have more time to write because I’m not supposed to go anywhere.

Actually, I’m pushing to finish a non-fiction book.

I have a possible video training course (also non-fiction.)

I’ve had inquiries from two non-fiction acquisition editors.

Pragmatically, I’ve been working from home at my day job since moving west months ago. My partner and I don’t go out much to begin with.

I’d love to focus on fiction.


If acquisition editors want more non-fiction, I’d be a fool to turn them down.

I need to space out the non-fiction. I need a month or so to chop The Forge into two books: The Darkness and The Forge. One is leaving the temple, the other is returning. There are lies to expose in each book, and — I think — each will be 80,000 words.

Until then, it’s non-fiction. Hand-washing. And non-fiction.