My Twitter bio is about to be filled with lies. It says I live "On a Sailboat. Really.”

This status will change in about a week.

Family calls, and we’re putting the boat “on the hard.” This is what passes for storage in big sailboat world. She’ll be on stands in a gravel parking lot. Sails struck from the rigging and rolled into bags below deck. Lines hung to dry in the sun.

We’ll be back to the boat in — who knows? — a year? Maybe. If things work out.

The sudden changes mean a lot of personal disruption. The planned query letters for May haven’t been written. And won’t get written until June, maybe. Chapters of Book III are languishing.

Instead of writing, we’ll be driving across the US of A. From where the boat is stored in Maryland to Nevada. This is our own Hero’s journey through darkness to discovery.

I’ll open a new side-bar in this web site to properly reflect the other journey outside the direct arc of creating Tales of the Red Ranger.

See Driving Across Country.