I’m supposed to be writing non-fiction. Deadlines are approaching. The examples are a mess. It’s a second edition with significant technical changes throughout the entire book.


In The Forge, I dropped the F-bomb about four times. Every other time someone cursed — when the characters were legitimately pissed off — they invoked the name of a god, and a curse more-or-less specific to that god.

There are the six major gods with big temples and priests and money. Some of them want the Mage dead. Reasons vary, of course.

There are also minor, practical gods, without so much temple and money backing. They don’t figure heavily in The Forge, but may show up in The Crown, the Orb, and the Scepter.

The F-bomb doesn’t belong.

So. I stopped the paying non-fiction writing for a while. I took some time to fix the F-bombs. While not focusing on the writing, I realized the F-Bombs broke the world.


Chapter 10 was bugging me. When I’m supposed to be writing, I often review the outline. I didn’t think I could adequately summarize the chapter. A quick review showed the Mage charged raiding Outlanders from horseback and nearly got himself killed. The Red Knight saved his sorry ass. Got it. No rewrite needed. There’s more, of course, but that was enough to help me be sure I had the right sword fights in the right places.