We have a semi-permanent location in the mountains of Western North Carolina. It’s rural.

(Rant. Rural often means stupidly conservative. Ask a conservative why they vote against their own self-interests. Point out the dumb-as-a-bag-of-hammers tax cuts for the rich that Republicans seem to love. They really can’t answer rationally. They’ll try to claim the rich “earned” the money. Which makes no sense, since most of the rich were born rich and are merely maintaining that wealth through weird Wall Street investments and tax dodges. CEO salaries make no sense: CEO’s come and go and the company rarely skips a beat in it’s earnings; ample evidence that CEO pay has nothing to do with company performance. Conservatives may try to claim taxation is theft, but that’s usually a Libertarian angle that’s irrelevant to the public good all people need to contribute to. Also, the “tax-is-theft" doesn’t answer the question. Conservatives will patiently explain how religious they are and how they volunteer at the soup kitchen twice a month. Which also evades responsibility for undermining their own earnings by raising their own taxes. End Rant.)

It is, however, within our budget, and supports a family member, so, here we are for a few weeks. Then we’re off to the boat to move it south for the winter.

More cross-country travel is coming. We’re looking at taking the train to LA.