April 9th was the end of my full-time, corporate wage-earner, day-job lifestyle. I can switch over to full-time writer life-style.

It’s a tectonic shift. Slow but inevitable.

I’ve been lucky enough to have jobs where I could set money aside.

And now, I’m going to try living on the money I set aside. Plus what I’m earning from non-fiction.

So I can invest some time in fiction.

Because (a) I think I’ve got a good cast of characters, (b) I think I’ve got a unique, interesting universe, and (c), I think there’s a good, long story arc.

I’m looking forward to the restructuring to get from my current drafts to something that will sell. The 80K goal means a lot of revising. A better structure to my beats (and a better overall beat sheet for each book) will — I hope — help me move forward.