Still liking The One Page Novel Plot Formula.

After writing 30 of the 40 beats, I'm delighted with the way this provides a needed focus. Without it, the question of "moving the plot forward" devolves to "which way is forward?"

I like gritty, detailed writing. But sometimes, the question of relevant details can be hard to answer when the future plot-point is a bit nebulous. Following along with the Hero's Journey isn't generally detailed enough. While the Hero's Journey catalogs many foundational elements, it also involves a bit of hand-waving.

For a good writer, hand-waving is no problem.

Since I'm struggling to get a grip on fiction, more structure is helpful.

Having a sequence of Resolution, Stasis, Shift, Initiating Incident, etc., is a huge simplification in plotting. It narrows the focus on characters because some of the possible unkowns have been bound to good story-telling practices.