See Drat — Wrong Computer. I spent a few minutes fussing around because I could not find my map.

When I got home, I searched the other computer and found a few things:

  1. The map (Yay!)

  2. The other map. (What?)

  3. Some outline notes with another character spread throughout the Initiation phase of the Hero’s Journey. (Wait. What?)

This is "too much of a good thing" kind of awkward. It’s beyond one drink too many, and into throwing punches around and preaching from a chair. It’s the kind of throwing back shots and shouting “Woo!” good times I wish I didn’t have.

What was I doing? When did I write this? And who’s the other guy?

Why do I have a banging headache?

Why does the mage take up a beggar? And when?

And — super important — what’s the payoff?

Frantic global search through the outline and…


We’ll be taking that as self-note. I’ll be going back four chapters to fix this before going forward again.

Stakes. It’s all about having stakes on the table, that are life-or-death for someone. That’s who the other guy is. That’s why there’s a wrong map and a right map. And why the right map has stages of the hero’s journey instead of village names.

Enough griping. Back to work. Need to find a place for the new guy.