Horror — I think it’s subdivided as Weird Horror — different from more conventional horror writing — is fun.

See https://www.itmaybeahack.com/TeamRedCruising/travel-2020-2021/the-thing-from-below-the.html for a fun foray into horror.

I have read almost all the fiction H. P. Lovecraft wrote. (I haven’t read many of the astronomy articles.) I do know this: Lovecraft was an anti-semitic racist misanthrope. Can we separate artist from art? Some say we can’t, and Lovecraft’s work should be ignored because Lovecraft was so odious. Does writing Lovecraftian horror, put me on the spectrum of tolerating the art of an otherwise intolerable artist? I’m arguing that the style of art (weird horror) has little to do with specific works of art by an abhorrent artist.

I think I may be able to scratch my fiction itch with short horror stories while working on non-fiction.