As technomads, we’re getting better at minimizing our possessions.

Partially-filled truck
So far, only about 1/3 full

We’re not great at this. But, we can pack up and move on in two days. More-or-less.

Here’s our technique.

This was the end of the first wave of packing.

These are things we won’t need access to during the first part of our trip west.

The orange boxes have the tools from our boat. We’ve put them in the truck because we’ll be visiting relatives and may need to do some home handicraft things while we’re there.

And yes, there are some kitty-litter boxes. My partner’s great aunt washes them out and sends them to us. They’re handy for storage on the boat.

Mostly-filled truck
Maybe 3/4 full

The end of the second wave of packing looks like this.

Some of the cardboard boxes are things going to the relatives for storage.

(Or, actually, disposal. “This is for you, we don’t need it.”)

There’s a nice little ShopVac in there. We’re addicts to the rugged little things.

A bunch of things are bedding, dirty laundry, and towels.

Nearly-empty apartment
Down to the bare essentials

Here’s what was left in the apartment.

An Ikea Poäng chair. A Coleman cart. Some computers.

Not shown is the futon. It goes in the cart and into the back of the truck.

The chair, however, is a toss-up. We often donate furniture to Goodwill. In this case, we gave it to one of the maintenance people.

Yes. It’s a lot of work. The volume of work is manageable. By owning few things we find moving is easy.