Finishing first draft of a Western Horror novel.

The inspiration? Desert Oracle Radio. That's some seriously weird stuff. Great story-telling.

The other inspiration? Resources from the Lady Writers League. The novel beat sheet has been invaluable in keeping me on a narrow, well-defined track.

Finally, it's NaNoWriMo. I've finished my non-fiction. I've got a bunch of non-fiction projects that are burning holes in my head. But. It's time to finish some fiction. I've got 63,000 words. Time to skinny it down and sharpen it up.

This is where I'm headed:

Western horror. Spiritism admits an unearthly, evil presence in the desert southwest, and a trail of bodies. Two nuns try to prevent the unraveling of the world.

I'm sticking with this pitch for the moment. It's a kind of "Unforgiven" meets H. P. Lovecraft of story.

It's a possible series, also. But. I'm sticking with single 60,000 word novel, for now.

(Regarding series. I like the Discworld approach of related books, not a simple, linear story. I want to hit the 19th century, esp. pre Civil-War US Southwest pretty hard. After living there for 18 months, I'm in love.

Plus. I know the US East Coast, and the haunted seaports pretty well. So there's some pirate horror in the offing.)