New Project. New Approach. New Inspiration.

See Lady Writers League.

And The One Page Novel Plot Formula.

This "one-page beat sheet" provides what seems to be a very useful outline.

There's an important workflow aspect to this. The design order is not the story-telling order. Those of us who are plotters tend to work through a lot of design before telling the story.

This, however, imposes a more rigorous set of connections among the elements.

The beats are presented in final narrative order, with a design order number. This makes it possible to sort this structure into design or narrative order.

For me, this means focusing on 50,000 words spread over 50 scenes: 1,000 words per scene.

I downloaded (but don't use) the Scrivener template. It didn't fit my process very well. (As a non-fiction writer, my process tends to be biased in that direction.)

New Project

Western horror. Two nuns are on a quest tracking supernatural events in the American West, around 1850. One is on an intellectual journey to see how our world might be cut off from other, more spiritual realms. The other saw her family destroyed and dreams of retribution against an unknown evil.

I'm already 40,000 words in. The One Page format gave me some leverage to turn a concept and a handful of characters into a novel with a sensible, conventional structure.