Learned about the #amquerying hash tag on Twitter. I’ve been using #amwriting — because I am.

I’ve decided to renew my approach after reading this thread:


Hello, writers! How about a thread on LITERARY AGENTS? How to get one, how to talk to one, how to keep one happy. Spoiler alert: I am 100% pro agent and can't imagine not having one on my side. 1/

  1. I revised my query letter, again.

  2. I’ve decided to send a dozen or so at one time.

I’ve landed on this after much hand-wringing.

Garland is desperate to be a mage and master the power of the forge. The high priests from his temple want him dead. His family is willing to settle for his banishment. The mysterious, secretive free-lance Red Knight is able to smuggle Garland out of the mage temple. His flight from the temple lands Garland on the front lines of the battle defending the kingdom from the Outlanders. Before he can integrate his skills into the rings of mages, Garland is captured and dragged into the Outlands. When Garland learns the underlying causes of the war, he has to navigate a path through the chaos of war and betrayals.

My next steps are to revisit my AAR query and gather some emails and submission guidelines.