Loading the truck is tricky.

It’s never clear what’s going to fit.

We needed to be sure we knew what will fit. That way, we could give everything else away. The alternative is to stand around on the sidewalk with some bulky thing (like a futon) that won’t fit in the truck.

How do you get the bulky item to a donation center when it won’t fit?

We worried we'd really have to unload the truck to take a few things back to the donation center.

That was Tuesday. It’s now Friday. Here’s the trip so far.

US Map
The trip so far

Las Vegas to Cedar City, Utah, involves the Virgin River Canyon. This is our fourth trip through. It remains a marvel.

Outside Cedar City is the Cedar Breaks National Monument. Do not miss this.

The trip from Cedar City, UT, to Golden, CO, was long. I’d suggest breaking it up a little differently. Perhaps it’s better to stop in Grand Junction rather than press on through the rockies in a single day.

We were worried about places to stop in eastern Colorado and western Kansas. There’s not much there. But. There are some places.

Salina, KS, was too cute for words. We’re in St. Louis, MO, tonight. It’s a big city and we’re not taking any risks by going out.

Here’s the full truck.

truck filled to the top
Packed to the top

It is almost completely full. Things are wedged against th truck’s cap.

The planned donations were perfect. What was left really did fit into the truck. It’s been a good drive so far.