The whole trip looks like this:

map of the country
The whole journey from Las Vegas to DC

We stayed in a very industrial part of St. Louis. It’s quiet, but there was nothing nearby. We had leftovers from last night’s extravagant dinner in Salina, KS. For breakfast, we drove four miles to the nearest Starbucks.

The next stop, London, OH, is a little west of Columbus. It was very rural. We made a five mile drive to the nearest grocery store to get some frozen dinners. There was no nearby coffee, so, we we grumbled about the free hotel coffee. (It’s flavorless and weak, but… It’s free, so we limited our grumbling.)

We followed I-70 faithfully, including the Breezewood Interchange. The mountains limit the choices here, and the views along the road are every bit as amazing as western Colorado.

From eastern Colorado all the way to central Ohio, it’s “The Plains.” As we climb into West Virginia and southern Pennsylvania, the terrain changes dramatically. The final, winding path through the mountains put a spectacular finish on this year's trip.

We’re staying in McLean, VA. The takeout order from the Capri restaurant was fabulous.

Tomorrow, we’ll empty the truck.

And yes, we expect to do this again. It seems unlikely in 2021, but a distinct possibility in 2022.