A week of driving can provide some story arc ideas. Or it can provide a deeper insight into how place is also a character.

Screenplay Scene Headings begin with Place and Time-of-Day.


An establishing shot will capture this nuance for the viewers.

I use Scrivener, and I generally jot down scene headings in some of the scenes.

My Hero’s Journey gave me some new locations. My return from the journey means a ton of rewriting. It also means querying after I’ve wrangled a bit with The Forge.

In particular, I want to formalize the scene headings and make sure they fit together into a kind of cinematic flow.

Also, I’m seriously revising the structure of the vast Western Empire. It figures tangentially in The Forge. But I’ve got an approach to modeling empires and kingdoms that leads me to some interesting mapping. More on the modeling part in the Writing blog and the Tools pages.