The technical book is (almost) finished. We’re quibbling over the illustrations. We have "a few images from each chapters are of low quality” without a specific threshold. Ideally, they have a size (in inches or pixels or something) and resolution that they need for publication.

If they don’t, then I guess I’ll have to ask which image is acceptable, and assume that’s the goal.

The illustrations are all produced through a software tool chain that involves a tool called “plant UML”. See I think I can change the type of output document, and reset the scale to very large numbers.

Ideally, the editor would have a size in mind.

Meanwhile, we’re on the move. Since retirement, we no longer have a fixed address. We’re heading west, again, and I now have time to start work on revising The Forge into three separate (shorter) books.

I found What’s important is the projected size: 50,000 words. For some reason, I’ve been aiming very high — 80,000 or more words. And that’s been a problem. No debut novel can be that big. It’s simply a rule.