A writer's web site is almost as important as their writing. Readers sometimes like to know more about the author. And it's the place to keep marketing information -- titles available, announcements, etc.

I started with the Sandvox web-site builder. It was okay. The company, however, seems to have gone out of business.

I've switched to a kind of science project. This has a more flexible look-and-feel, and I may be (dramatically) changing the look as a go. In some ways, it's easier to work with. But. It's also kind of annoying because it's a pile of separate tools.

  1. A text editor (pure text) to write content.
  2. A few operating system commands to build a draft and check the results.
  3. A few more commands to upload to a web server. This is complicated, but flexible.

This is emphatically not a "what you see is what you get" editing experience. It's more technical.

The impetus is the old tools had no vendor, and I was (effectively) unable to extract my content from their tool to use any of the numerous static site-building tools.

(And yes, this isn't finishing my Work in Progress. I'm doing another non-fiction title, instead.)