The content falls into two major Categories:

  • The Writing blog is about learning the craft. The Tags includes a number of topics. The general nitty-gritty part of #amwriting (and #amquerying). World building for this kind of sprawling #SFF, #EpicFantasy, #GrimDark story. Sources of Inspiration (some aspects of #writingcraft and #inspiration.)

I'm a technomad -- I move a lot. Driving blog has some words about my travels.

The Titles Available page is information for agents and publishers. I’m looking for representation.

The Bio and Background page has my more-or-less official biography.

The The Forge: Thirty-Four Pitches are — well — thirty-four distinct pitches for The Forge. How else can I practice pitch-writing?

The Software Tools page summarizes of the software I use. (I’m a technical writer also, and tools help.)

The Bibliography is my non-fiction writing.

You can follow me on Twitter: @F_L_Stevens