Steven Lott is a technomad, creating books while watching the world drift past his aged sailboat. Lott’s career started with creating software in the century when computers were large, expensive, and rare. Firmly anchored in the magic of technology, Lott has drifted from writing software to writing eight books about the Python programming language for Packt Publishing. Lott has spoken at PyCon and other Python-focused conferences, and recorded courses for LinkedIn Learning. You can find more at

F. L. Stevens is the pen-name Lott uses to distinguish the grim, dark, epic fantasy series Tales of the Red Ranger. Tales of the Red Ranger describes the explosive results of mixing the mage Garland, trained to use the magical forge but ejected from the temple, and the Red Knight, bound by vows of silence and secrecy. And, yes, feel free to speculate on the relationship between the Red Knight and the Red Ranger. It’s a story of magic, discovery, war, and harsh justice.

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