We're (effectively) snowbirds.

Florida from Winter to (almost) Midsummer (December to June 1). We live on a boat.

Somewhere else from (almost) Midsummer to Winter (June 1 to November 30). We share a house in North Carolina.

In both venues, writing is (relatively) easy. I have power and a computer. I can write and revise and even send queries.

October 20th we took off from our North Carolina retreat to drive back to the west coast for a few months. It's a wonderous thing. Since it's our fifth across-the-continent trip, we're getting a little better at picking sites along the way.

Meteor Crater
Meteor Crater

We do some sight-seeing along the way. The amount varies with how tightly we've packed the schedule. On this trip, we've kepth the trip west pretty tightly focused on driving. In January, when we return, we'll have a little more time to take the road less traveled.

(The 1 to 2 week paid vacation garbage that passes for conventional wisdom in the US workplaces is evil. Evil. You need a month to do this. And everyone should do it either on their own or with help to get on and off the bus or train. Don't even get me started on the inaccessiblity of buses and trains without elevated platforms.)


Hurricane Ian has created problems for us.

Boat Layed Over By The Storm

That's our boat. Laying on her side.

That makes for a lot of work as soon as hurricane season ends.

Our trip out west goes beyond the end of hurricane season by about six weeks. We don't know what that means, because we don't really plan that far into the future. We have a broad, vague outline. We'll return from the West. Rearrange our things in North Carolina. Go to Florida and make plans as we go.