Starting here:

This seems to be a potentially helpful group. This means I'm on the hook to do critiques. Once I’ve got a sense of how it works and what to expect, I'll submit a few chapters for comments.

This is a manageable workload because I’m finished with non-fiction for a little while.

It’s a bit like reading Pull Requests to do software updates. (I do a lot of those in my day job.)

They have a system to handle complete novels. It requires working closely with readers via a Request For Dedicated Reader, RFDR, reflecting the level of commitment required. It raises the bar above a few thousand words each week. At two or three chapters a week, this is months of writing comments about The Mage and the Red Knight.

It could be very helpful for cleaning things up a bit. There are a few chapters that — as I wring my hands over rejections — may not advance the story enough.